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how to round Discounts (either half of full number) or total of cart

i have a 10% Discount for more than 6 items. With several items i get discounts like 12.48. How can i round this discount amount, so that this amount is also applied for the cart total amount? The ...
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Craft Commerce: Custom Rounding (for taxes and discounts)

Is there a way to change the default rounding behaviour of Craft Commerce? Here in Switzerland we always round to 5 cents, so amounts like 9.99 or 9.22 don't really exist. Here's an example: 9.99 ...
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Rounding issue with Craft Commerce

We've had this problem for a while now and it's largely gone un-noticed but I'd like to raise it. We have a bunch of products that are discounted when you buy them in bulk. E.g. 12 products for 69.99....
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