I'm trying to call an image via an image transform from a matrix field.

So when I do this:

{% if block.type == "standardImage" %}
  {% set image = block.imageFile.first() %}
  {% if image %}
      <img src="{{ image.url('generalImageTransform') }}" width="{{ image.getWidth('generalImageTransform') }}" 
      height="{{ image.getHeight('generalImageTransform') }}" alt="{{ image.title }}">
  {% endif %}
{% endif %}

I get this:

<img src="http://.../cpresources/transforms/1?x=DrK2WYEvg" width="600" height="601" alt="district">

So you can see the width, height and title are all being called successfully, but the image is broken on the web page.

And when I skip the transform and just use {{ image.url() }} the image is called successfully with

<img src="/images/general/district.png" width="600" height="601" alt="district">

Finally when I add this to the config file

'generateTransformsBeforePageLoad' => true,

I get a PHP error

Image “district.png” cannot be found.

I suspect then that the transformed image is unable to be created, but I don't know how to progress this idea, or if I am on the right track at all.

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I seem to have worked it out - by specifying

'imageDriver' => 'gd'

in the config. I first tried to specify 'imageDriver' => 'imagick', but I was getting path error messages so I'm guessing it is not installed on the PHP installation I am using.

More info at Errors with Craft 2.3, Imagine and Imagick

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