Please could you advise on how to filter a user query, so that users from Group A are included, but not if they are also in Group B?

{% set vnp_users = craft.users
    .group(['groupA', 'not groupB'])
    .orderBy('field desc')
    .all() %}

I'm not sure you can do that in one query only but I might be wrong.

Using two queries, you could do the following:

{# Fetch users from the group you don't want to display #}
{% set usersToExclude = craft
    .ids() %}

{# Built an array of ids to exclude adding 'not' to it #}
{% set exclusionList = ['not'] | merge(usersToExclude) %}

{# Fetch your users excluding the one found above #}
{% set vnp_users = craft
    .id(exclusionList).all() %}
  • Thanks Oli, though it would be nice if the group() method could take values to match as well as values to exclude.
    – user10961
    Jul 29 '20 at 13:19

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