I have date field in entry that is empty therefore has null value. I'd like to filter entries that have date field value equal to null.

How would I set that parameter on element criteria object? I don't want to achieve it by looping yet because I'm merging entries from another section.

Setting it to null returns entries with or without value.

{% set myEntries = craft.entries.section("mySection").date(null) %}

Setting it to "" returns entries with or without value.

{% set myEntries = craft.entries.section("mySection").date("") %}

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The special strings :empty: and :notempty: might be what you're looking for. The docs list it only against expiryDate, but I think it's available for any field: https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/dev/element-queries/entry-queries.html#expirydate

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