As this tip (Twitter) suggested we can use type hints for Twig in PHPStorm after installing Symfony Support plugin by utilizing its PHPTypes feature, for example putting:

{# @var craft \craft\web\twig\variables\CraftVariable #}

at the top of a template would auto-complete all properties and methods in craft.abc for us.

Type hints for plugins?

How could we get auto-completion for plugin variables?

Let's have a look at the Imager plugin. It is accessible via craft.imager. If I put

{# @var imager \aelvan\imager\variables\ImagerVariable #}

at the top of the template the IDE actually auto-completes for me when I type imager.abc, however this obviously throws an error because Craft expects craft.imager.abc. But the IDE doesn't autocomplete craft.imager.abc. I also tried

{# @var craft.imager \aelvan\imager\variables\ImagerVariable #}

which is not working.

Ugly workaround

If I put craft.imager into a local variable the auto-completion is working:

{# @var imager \aelvan\imager\variables\ImagerVariable #}
{% set imager = craft.imager %}
{% imager.transformedImage(...) %}

Any hints? hahaha

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Use Craft Autocomplete, and it will do all of this for you automatically in PhpStorm:


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