Hi i really would like some advise on best practices on setting up some data for my Craft APP.

Most of my documents will be linked to vehicle make/model/trim/year. EG Audi A5 Sport 2009-2016 and/Or Audi A5 Sportback 2017+ .

What would be the best way to do this? Would it be to create a new field type or use something like a table?

My First Idea was to do the following:

A Structure

  • Level 1 : Vehicle Make
    • Level 2 : Vehicle Model
      • Level 3 : Vehicle Trim

Then create a field (table) where i select either the trim or model, then select a date range.

But what i want to do is in the front end select documents by everything under Make and/or Model and/or Trim and/or Year

But i am not sure this is the best solution.

Can anyone recommend?

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Goal: Filter documents by related vehicle characteristics.

My first idea would be to create it as such:

  • Create an assets volume where all your documents will be uploaded to.
  • Create a vehicle category group for your vehicles such as you already defined (the structure you mentioned)
  • Add 2 fields to the assets volume:
    • Vehicle (category field)
    • Year (date field)

This will allow you to add the relevant data to each document. You can than display the documents on your frontend and search/filter them by category and/or date. How you do that is up to you, either with Twig serverside or with VueJS for example client side.

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