I have recently switched from memcached to Redis. The cache, session, template caching and mutex is now using Redis on a project. While Redis generally gets managed by Yii/Craft CMS, Redis features a few more configuration options than memcached, so I was looking for any further insight/advice on the best configuration when used with Craft CMS.

The current data eviction policy which seems to be a default for most Redis provisioning is volatile-lru. There are other eviction policies available:

  • noeviction: New values aren’t saved when memory limit is reached. When a database uses replication, this applies to the primary database
  • allkeys-lru: Keeps most recently used keys; removes least recently used (LRU) keys
  • allkeys-lfu: Keeps frequently used keys; removes least frequently used (LFU) keys
  • volatile-lru: Removes least recently used keys with the expire field set to true.
  • volatile-lfu: Removes least frequently used keys with the expire field set to true.
  • allkeys-random: Randomly removes keys to make space for the new data added.
  • volatile-random: Randomly removes keys with expire field set to true.
  • volatile-ttl: Removes keys with expire field set to true and the shortest remaining time-to-live (TTL) value.

Based on my own assessment allkeys-lru, allkeys-lfu, volatile-lru and volatile-lfu and likely the best options, but any Redis experts care to comment on their take?

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Based on my own assessment and looking at other resources, allkeys-lru is likely the best policy to use in many cases.


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