I'm looking for a way to output line break from a text field.

I'm aware of the "Allow line breaks" option and I have set that to true. I've then entered text with multiple new lines. However, when this text gets output in the template, there are no line breaks.

I have tried using Twig's new line to br function, like this:

{% set address = contact.address|nl2br %}

but this creates <br /> tags in the text, not the markup - that is, you can actually see the <br /> in the browser and no actual line breaks are being created.

Am I doing something wrong here? Are there any alternative solutions?



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Expanding from Pascal Mollet's answer, this was the solution I came up with.

First setting the address variable with the |nl2br filter:

{% set address = contact.address|nl2br %}

Then, outputting that variable with the |raw filter:


Using them both together at once like this (as Pascal suggested):

{% set address = contact.address|nl2br|raw %}

didn't work.

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    I was able to use @Pascal's suggestion successfully - though instead of setting the variable, I just printed out the code like so: {{ contact.address|nl2br|raw }}
    – Ray
    Oct 6, 2014 at 20:18

You could also add the Twig raw filter, which should prevent the automated escaping.

{% set address = contact.address|nl2br|raw %}
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    Thanks for your answer, and this is what I ended up doing with a small difference because using |nl2br and |raw together didn't work. A bit strange though that the |nl2br filter would encode the <br />'s... Sep 30, 2014 at 13:56
  • found a solution?
    – william
    Aug 30, 2016 at 18:44

Just using |nl2br inside a <p> tag (or whatever you choose) worked for me.

<p>{{ contact.address|nl2br }}</p>


I'm using Craft v3.1, I noticed that none of the answers worked for me.

I only got it to work by placing raw before nl2br.

This is what worked for me: {{ entry.customFieldName |raw|nl2br }}


Add raw before nl2br

{% set address = contact.address|raw|nl2br %}

This will work.

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