We've currently got Subscriptions setup on a site which works a charm, but my main issue is outputting the price of the subscription, after the user has subscribed.

From the docs/templates I can even see how this is possible?!

You can get it via:

{% set subscriptions = craft.subscriptions.user(currentUser) %}

{% for subscription in subscriptions %}
    {{ subscriptionPlanData.plan.amount }}
{% endfor %}

But if for example, the plan is £300.00 then it outputs as 30000 and when formatted, it comes out like 30,000.00 using {{ subscriptionPlanData.plan.amount|number_format(2, '.', ',') }}

I can't see anyway of showing the user, how much they've paid in a human format without hacking around the number.

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Stripe stores the amount in cents. If you want to format it from the subscriptionPlanData.plan.amount variable in your template you would need to divide by 100 first.

{{ (subscriptionPlanData.plan.amount / 100)|currency }}

I could be wrong here as I've not used subscriptions with Commerce yet, but using the filter |currency worked perfectly for me when outputting the correct format after having tried |replace and |number.

  • I thought that might have worked, but sadly it still just output £30,000.00 :(
    – Jason Mayo
    Commented Oct 8, 2018 at 14:22

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