I'm looking to format out image tags from a string using the |replace filter. The behavior I'm looking for is to give it a string like this:

<img src="test.jpg"><p>some text</p><img src="test.jpg">

and get back:

<p>some text</p>

Unfortunately, when I use {{ snippet|replace('/<img(.*)>/', '') }} it matches the entire string, from the opening <img to the second image's closing > rather than matching both <img> tags individually. How can I force the regex to match only through the first > it finds before continuing?

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Something like this should work:

{{ snippet|replace('/<img([\w\W]+?)>/', '') }}

You can see an explanation of the regex in the right column of https://regex101.com/r/DvJHeY/1

  • Awesome, thanks again Brad!
    – jtenclay
    Sep 21, 2017 at 18:59

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