I represent a leading online music tuition platform. We are considering using Craft to develop our new platform. We have a couple of questions about the capabilities of the platform.

1 - Can we build an SVOD and TVOD platform on Craft? The video would be pulled from our CDN and displayed via JW player.

2 - Can we build a social side to our site, where members can share content to a centralized social dashboard.

Any help or advice would be greatly received.

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I built a website very similar to what you're describing using ExpressionEngine years ago. It's definitely doable in Craft, and it'd be much easier than most other platforms I can think of.

However, as Brad noted in his reply, it will take some development effort.


Kind of some broad questions, but given enough time, talent and money, you can build virtually anything you want in Craft. :)

The front-end of a Craft site is 100% up to you, so you can use whatever video player you want pulling from whatever sources you want.

Commerce doesn't have native subscription support, yet, but it is high on the to-do list. You can use an existing plugin like Charge, which supports Stripe subscriptions, or you can roll your own custom plugin that has its own business logic.

Both Craft and Commerce have tons of hooks and events allowing you to extend functionality.

Craft has support for users, users groups and permissions so you can setup your templates and plugins to allow them to share and decide who gets access to them.

So, yes... doable, but it will take some not-insignificant development effort.


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