Our site's control panel needs to be on a subdomain for security purposes. So our baseCpUrl setting in our general.php file is http://craft-admin.domain.com/ while our siteUrl is set at http://www.domain.com/.

I'm not able to access user information (specifically if a user is logged in and has accessCp permissions) on the main site. Dumping user information on a template is giving me NULL, I assume because there's no connection being made between craft-admin.domain.com/ and www.domain.com/, so pages on www.domain.com can't tell me anything about logged-in users.

I ran into this trying to add in the Admin Bar plugin so logged-in users can have quicker access to the Control Panel edit screen for a particular page if they're viewing it on the public-facing site. However, since there's no user information being passed along, the admin bar will never show up because it assumes I'm just a regular person browsing the site.

Is there something else I need to do in order to access logged-in user information on the front end if the baseCpUrl is different than the siteUrl?

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My guess is you probably need to add the root .domain.com to the defaultCookieDomain config setting.


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