Each Product has a Merchant field which is standard Craft User. What I'd like to do is list out all Orders which contain one or more Products relating to the currentUser. I was hoping I'd be able to use Relations to accomplish this, so something like this:

{% set products = craft.commerce.products({
  'relatedTo': currentUser
}) %}

{% set orders = craft.commerce.orders.relatedTo({
  'sourceElement': products,
  'field': 'lineItems.purchasable.product'
}).find %}

The first query works fine and returns only the Products relating to the currentUser, but when I try to use it as the basis for the second query, that's where it collapses in a big heap! Am I in the right ballpark, or isn't this possible in the way I'm trying?

Any help gratefully received.

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    Are you trying to list all Orders where every Product is from the merchant or Orders which contain one or more Products of the merchant? May 31 '16 at 10:22
  • Orders which contain one or more Products of the merchant May 31 '16 at 10:26
  • I'm getting no joy with this either. Almost as if the products on an order aren't set up like normal related elements. May 31 '16 at 15:10
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    Luke - I asked about this on Slack and there isn't a way to do what I'm asking, but some else has already suggested it on the Craft Feedback site. If you look at my new answer, there is a link where you can go and vote it up if you'd find it useful. Jun 1 '16 at 9:26

This is now possible as of Craft Commerce 1.1.1211 using the new hasPurchasables criteria attribute:


  • Great stuff, I'll be able to make use of this right away. Jun 9 '16 at 12:40

Looks like what I'm trying to do isn't possible (yet).

There is a suggestion for a solution (not created by me) already on the Craft Feedback site. So if you think this would be a useful thing to be able to do, get over there and vote it up, I know I have!


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