Does craft()->cache-> have a way of returning all the cache records? I need to delete some caches, but only if the key begins with a certain prefix, “ranking__getAthletePoints_”. I won’t know the numbers following in the key names. If I could grab all of them, I assume I could check against the key names with something like startsWith() and delete the correct caches that way.

Very much out of my element with php & plugin development! Thanks for any help!


Not without some brute-force cracking.

The keys you pass into CFileCache's set and get methods are an md5 hash of your key prepended with your Craft installation's appId (which by default is a randomly generated string).

So with a key of testKey, that could end up as a value of 3f8b3c45a9c6f395d02b930f18910a92. For CFileCache, that value ends up being the file name of the cache file and gets put in craft/storage/runtime/cache/3f8b3c45a9c6f395d02b930f18910a92.bin.

Later, when you call get and pass in the key of testKey, it goes through the same process and checks to see if a file named 3f8b3c45a9c6f395d02b930f18910a92.bin exists. If it does, it knows there is a match.

As you can see, there's no way to find that match without knowing the key ahead of time (unless you brute-force cracked md5, which is doable, but probably not practical for your use-case).

  • Well yeah, "brute-force crack" is my middle name ;) ... Alright, thanks for the answer Brad. I'll have to rethink ways to go about my plugin. Dec 15 '15 at 18:28

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