So i've got this little plugin named AnnuaireAdherents with a variable that i try to access from within a template : annuaireadherents/ ├── AnnuaireAdherentsPlugin.php ├── services │   ├── AnnuaireAdherents_Service.php │   └── Proxy.php ├── twigextensions │   └── AnnuaireAdherentsTwigExtension.php └── variables └── AnnuaireAdherentsVariable.php

The variable should return a dynamic array, but let's try a static one first :

<?php namespace Craft;

 * Variables provides access to list of adherents inside templates
class AnnuaireAdherentsVariable {

     * Liste d'adhérents
     * @return array
    public function adherents() {
        return array(
                "raison_sociale" => "JOHN DOE & Co",
                "contact" => "JOHN DOE",
                "cp" => "99999",
                "address1" => "DESTINY STREET",
                "locality" => "NOWHERE",
                "mail" = "[email protected]"

I've tried every namespace variants i could think of to access it inside a template :

{% for adh in craft.annuaireAdherents.adherents %}
    {{ adh.raison_sociale }}
{% endfor %}

but i keep receiving the error :

Method "annuaireAdherents" for object "Craft\CraftVariable" does not exist

Is it the correct namespace ? Do i have to relaunch Apache and Craft between each code modification to retest my variable ? Could there be another error that is masking me the true cause of this message ?

Thanks a lot for any clue / direction to investigate.

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    Sorry to ask, but did you install your plugin in Settings/Plugins?
    – carlcs
    Oct 12, 2015 at 23:00
  • Don't be sorry to ask : it was the main cause ! I have to sync with the craft database updated by my coworker, and by doing that, i totally forgot that my plugin would be uninstalled as he doesn't have the plugin yet !! Thanks a lot for that silly one ! My apologies ! :)
    – zipang
    Oct 13, 2015 at 7:43

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Reinstalling the plugin after a database update just solved the problem : the database i sync'ed with didn't have the plugin installed (as it is still in development)

Sorry for that one... :)

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