In Craft Commerce 3, there is a Order Condition Formula that allow us to condition for the discount. So here is my Case.

  • I have product A and Product B, so I will give a discount to Product A if the costumer buy 3 of Products B.

I tried to use this formula

order.lineItems|filter(v => (v.sku == 'SKU A' and qty >= 3) )

but the filter is not allowed in this formula, so is there any other way to approach this?

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We will need to uncomment this line to allow |filter used in condition formulas:


If you do that manually yourself this formula works:

order.lineItems|filter(v => (v.sku == 'BBB' and v.qty >= 3) )

You were missing the v. in front of qty.

Look in the next version of commerce for the |filter being available.

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