Looking at the documentation here: https://docs.craftcms.com/v2/config-settings.html#users

I have set loginPath, invalidUserTokenPath and setPasswordPath. However, it appears that there isn't a config option for the forgotten password template.

It's also not mentioned as an option (unlike the other path options mentioned above) on this doc: https://docs.craftcms.com/v2/templating/forgot-password-form.html

EDIT: Forgot to add that I have got it working in the meantime by setting {{ url('users/forgotten-password') }} in my login template.



I think that this is because Craft never needs to get there by itself. It's a page you will always link to in one of your templates. So in theory, you can simply link directly to your Forgotten password template, like you did already.

  • I think you’re right. It’s a page that isn’t automated by craft. Cheers for confirming.
    – Jay
    Sep 12 '18 at 7:26

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