I would like to detect if a header in the current request is present and obtain its value, directly within a Twig template. I know that craft.app.request gives access to a few variables like isAjax that directly check the headers content, but I haven't found a method to directly retrieve a specific header.

Can this be achieved in some way? (preferably not by writing a plugin)


By checking the code, I could find a method named getHeaders() that will return all the headers of the current request.

So if you want to retrieve the content of the foo header, just use:

{% set headers = craft.app.request.getHeaders() %}
{% set fooHeader = headers['foo'] %}
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    Worth noting that attempting to access the headers variable as an array will result in a Twig Runtime Error, specifically Key "foo" in object with ArrayAccess of class "yii\web\HeaderCollection" does not exist.. Using the get method for the HeaderCollection is recommend, as follows, {{ headers.get('foo') }}
    – zesda
    Oct 10 '18 at 13:48

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