I got an entry template from a structured section.
With prev / next nav links at entry bottom.
But the next sibling is deactivated.
So the page return is 404 not found !

{% set prev = entry.prevSibling %}  
{% set next = entry.nextSibling %}

{% if prev %}
    <a class="nav-prev nav-left" href="{{ prev.url }}"><&nbsp;{{ prev.title }}</a>
{% endif %}
{% if next %}
    <a class="nav-next nav-right" href="{{ next.url }}">{{ next.title }}&nbsp;></a>
{% endif %}

Should it be status=live by default no?


The getNextSibling documentation says:

getNextSibling() will return the next sibling whether or not it’s enabled. If you want to get the closest enabled sibling, you can do this instead:

{% set next = craft.entries.positionedAfter(entry).order('lft asc').first() %}

Similarly for getPrevSibling to get the previous enabled sibling you can do:

{% set prev = craft.entries.positionedBefore(entry).order('lft desc').first() %}
  • This 'getNextSibling' thing is something I've stumbled over a couple time. Thanks for the post Marion. Dec 8 '15 at 22:09
  • I'd suggest adding ".siblingOf(entry)" into those suggestions so you only get siblings. Otherwise this answer gives you the next entry regardless of hierarchy :)
    – JamesNZ
    Mar 7 '17 at 20:58

Just an updated version of Marion's answer for Craft CMS 3 since order and first are deprecated.

{% set prev = craft.entries.positionedBefore(entry).orderBy('lft desc').one() %}

{% set next = craft.entries.positionedAfter(entry).orderBy('lft asc').one() %}

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