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Ajax submissions using SproutForms
5 votes

I figured it out (edited with my FORM mark-up as well): I'm actually rendering the FORM using the SproutForms method: <div class="submit-via-ajax"> {{ craft.sproutForms.displayForm(block....

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.env parsing error on Windows server
1 votes

Turns out it WAS a file encoding issue. It was UTF BOM (?), and had a weird hidden character right at the beginning of the file. I was able to open the file up in Notepad++ (Thanks Brad) and was able ...

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RedactorClips and RedactorStyles plugins not working
0 votes

I just figure it out. I had to add entries to the 'plugins' setting in the redactor tool bar json: plugins: ['fullscreen', 'clips', 'styles'] Now they're showing up joe

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