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Bypass Varnish cache if user is logged in
1 votes

So the answer is to test the cookie for a name with username in it, and pass if it exists. You could also check for an exactly 32 digit alphanumeric cookie name I guess. if ( req.http.Cookie ~ "...

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Simple search using two categories
3 votes

Use the relatedTo method and pass an array using the and parameter. {% set venueEventType = craft.request.getParam('catVenueEventType') %} {% set venueEventSize = craft.request.getParam('...

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Keep on getting logged out when deploying using Capistano
5 votes

The problem is that the basepath changes each time you deploy (Capistrano uses versioned release directories). The basepath is used to generate a session key, which is invalidated each time a new ...

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Craft Commerce: After add to cart, redirect to specific line item
2 votes

I created a simple plugin to redirect using the onAddToCart method craft()->on('commerce_cart.onAddToCart', function($event){ $lineItem = $event->params['lineItem']; craft()->...

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