Set up your dropdown so that the Option Labels are default, yellow, green, etc. and the Values are page-project, page-project bg-yellow, page-project bg-green, etc. Then, you can {% set bodyClass = entry.backgroundColor %} This will set bodyClass to whatever the value is for the chosen dropdown element, i.e. page-project if you pick the default option.


In Craft, assets are always "absolute" paths to the webroot, not relative to the URL (although you can make it like that). So in your example, @AssetPublicPath/images is going to be replaced with https://dev-craft3-f59ef5d673d0.hyperlane.co/uploads/images. If you want something to go into a subfolder, in this case work, you'd need to either specify ...


I found the answer in this thread Dropdown field value getting outputted multiple times The correct syntax to achieve what I am trying to do is: {% if entry.backgroundColor.value == "default" %} {% set bodyClass = "page-project" %} {% elseif entry.backgroundColor.value == "yellow" %} {% set bodyClass = "page-project ...

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