No, it doesn't match anything on the list: UPDATE After filing this request, the documentation has been improved to more clearly state that this is, in fact, an exhaustive list. I have update the screenshot above accordingly.


Technically 3 separate Craft installations would require 3 separate/unique Craft licenses even if they share the same root domain (site.com) and live off in subdomains off of that (a.site.com, b.site.com, c.site.com). If any of the sites are using the same config/license.key file, you could delete the duplicates and load the updates page in the control panel....


You can use defaultCookieDomain config setting to make all Craft cookies use your root domain: // config/general.php // mind the dot at the start 'defaultCookieDomain' => '.mydomain.com', This ensures that Craft's cookies apply to both the root domain and the subdomain, so the login should persist.

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