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How to send email from Craft 4 custom plugin/module?

You can do something like this $view = Craft::$app->getView(); $email = '[email protected]' $subject = $view->renderString($messageSubject, $...
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Use Office365/Azure to send emails

I have no out of the box solution, but maybe you could use and customize it, and get some code-ideas from Another ...
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Configuring Craft 3 with Sparkpost - SMTP - email errors

Without any logs it's tricky to know where the issue is, have you confirmed that outbound SMTP ports 25, 465, 587 are open to send email? Are you running this on your local development environment or ...
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SetReturnPath not successfully bouncing emails back

Postmark overrides the Return-Path header in your email with their own address ([email protected], by default). This is how Postmark can keep track of bounces etc. It's possible to use a custom ...
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Craft CMS Docker Environment Variables for SMTP

The official Craft CMS Docker images do not have particular support for the environment variables you mentioned, or variables for any other Craft config settings for that matter. My guess is wherever ...
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