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Redactor no longer maintained

CKEditor plugin, which is also a first-party plugin by Pixel & Tonic. The Craft 5 version allows for embedding other entries as part of a long form content ...
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Redactor RTE -> what about Craft 5?

Edit: Redactor 4.0 has been tagged, adding Craft 5 compatibility. It can be installed by changing your dependency on craftcms/redactor in composer.json to "craftcms/redactor": "^4.0&...
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Redactor strips out video tags

I would personally advise a matrix field and allow a mix of block types instead of trying to push code into the Redactor field. This can open you up to security vulnerabilities. To learn more about ...
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HTML Purifier Allow <script

As far as I know right now as I've brawled through the same issue maybe there is a way to achieve it. Unfortunately is not usable for dynamic script URLs like Buzzsprout's. htmlpurifier config /config/...
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Redactor to CKEditor Migration

This isn't a direct answer to your question, but I wanted to share what I've done. My hope is that this will prevent your need to revert your database. I have a site that made liberal use of Redactor ...
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Make external links open in new tab, while internal not?

This is a clear education issue on the clients side. As @Seth Warburton has mentioned there have been multiple studies on this. I really like this one:
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Redactor: Assign data attribute

If it helps, here is my complete full.json file found in config/redactor/ folder. { "buttons": ["html","undo","format","bold","lists",&...
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Prevent Redactor from stripping tags like <span>

Not with Redactor, but... You can do this with the Retcon (Craft CMS Plugin). Convert all <h2> and <h3> tags to <span>. Code example: {{ entry.redactorField | retconChange( [ 'h2', '...
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