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The problem is that this plugin isn't PSR-4 compliant and I'm guessing you're using Composer 2. The author of hestabit/craftajaxinate needs to correct the file naming. Workarounds (dirty): a) You could try using Composer 1 b) rename craftajaxinate in vendor/hestabit/craftajaxinate/src/assetbundles/ to CraftAjaxinate


"repositories": [ { "type": "path", "url": "plugins/redactor" } ] With that in your composer.json file, you're telling Composer to look in a plugins/redactor folder from the root of your project and use that to satisfy the "craftcms/redactor" dependency (instead of pulling it ...


Sounds like a custom plugin or module would work for you here, allowing you to hook into the entry after save event. use craft\elements\Entry; use craft\events\ModelEvent; use yii\base\Event; Event::on( Entry::class, Entry::EVENT_AFTER_SAVE, function(ModelEvent $event) { $entry = $event->sender; if (!$entry->getIsDraft()) {...

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