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Change email transport settings based on order site

The answer seems to be to drop the mailer component modification completely. There's a Yii method setTransport() which can be called via Commerce's EVENT_BEFORE_SEND_MAIL event. Event::on( Emails::...
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Why am I seeing a version compatibility error after updating Craft Commerce to 4.6.0?

With regards to Composer, you are indeed running Commerce 4.6.0. However, Craft is trying to keep up, and can't update directly to 4.6.0. The message you are seeing is telling you that Craft wants you ...
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Error when calling renderPdfForOrder() in Module

I got in touch with Craft support and this was a bug that the Craft Commerce team fixed in Craft v4. They were kind enough to backport the fix to v3. Should work for anyone else moving forward!
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Save field value After Complete Order

It seems that the following line was not needed. $order = Order::find()->id($order->id)->one(); When I removed it everything works as expected.
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