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Where did you define your aliases? If you haven't already, you could start by adding directives for both php and composer in your .bash_profile. The file should contain something like (alter paths as appropriate): # Include the location of the PHP 7.4 binary in your path export PATH=/opt/plesk/php/7.4/bin:$PATH # Ensure that any calls to composer are run ...


You're probably looking for Element::getDirtyAttributes() and Element::getDirtyFields()! The former is for native class properties/attributes (and is based on an ActiveRecord pattern in Yii, I believe...), and the latter is for Craft's "fields," which may or may not be available, based on what type of Element you're looking at (and what FieldLayout ...


I assume that $block->tweet->one() returns an Asset element in your matrix block called tweet. I suggest that you use the getContents() method on Craft's Asset element type to retrieve the string content of the actual file. Your code block would look something like this: case 'tweet': $tweetFileContent = $block->tweet->one()->getContents(); ...


It's the __toString() magic method: The __toString() method allows a class to decide how it will react when it is treated like a string.

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