Here you can find an interesting benchmarking between Redis (remote or local) and Python Disk caching. The answer from Didier Spezia is good enough to understand the results. https://stackoverflow.com/a/12871072/8520235 Enough RAM and disk caching are always better solutions for reasonable amounts of data. Any local, not to say remote, Redis solution ...


Doing further research i noticed the performance impact is mainly due to sorting on the default publication date. When sorting on the title field all the performance issues are gone.


I had the same issue. In my case the problem was the Volumes configuration in Docker. Make sure Nginx/Apache has access to the Volume that Craft and web resources are stored: e.g /var/www/ ,in case you are running PHP and Apache in two different containers. Something like: nginx: volumes: - ./craft/app:/var/www/web:cached php: ...

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