To add inline styles to HTML tags generated by Redactor such as <li>, install the Retcon plugin and add the following to your template. For example: {{ entry.body | retconAttr('li', { style: 'color: red;' }) }} For more info, consult the retconAttr filter documentation.


Craft uses the redactor js plugin. You can change it's settings, plugins and all formats like you want in the config craft/config/redactor or add custom presets. Here is the link how to configure the redactor https://imperavi.com/redactor/docs/settings/formatting/


Is there no way to have separate templates for text and html emails in craft? Correct. That's something we're going to try to address in Craft 3. Regarding the ampersand encoding, I can't reproduce that locally. Maybe your email client is encoding it or there is an overly aggressive mod_security / Suhosin / Apache setting that's doing it?

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