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Range filter doesn't accept variables

The error was in the increment variable because it is optional. If there is no value it throws an error it shoudl default to 1 So I constructed it like this: {% for item in variants.b2bProductQty %} ...
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1 vote

Range filter doesn't accept variables

I can't test easily because I never use Supertable, but my guess would be that if you were to dump out item.selectRange.cellStartInteger (DUMP out, not just print out - ie.{{ dump(item.selectRange....
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Trimming lastSegment from a URI trims that PLUS the last number of the previous segment

{{ entry.url|split('/')[:-1]|join('/') }} This splits the url string into an array, uses the syntactic sugar version of the slice filter to cut the last item off, then joins them back together as a ...
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