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New Laptop - Developing Existing Project Locally

That error is likely due to Craft not being installed yet (it’s Composer-installed but not… Craft-installed), because your local DDEV database is empty. Either (Recommended) Dump the database from ...
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Craft site shows "service unavailable" - Admin site shows "craft not installed yet"

Just to close this loop in case anyone else needs it... This turned out to be a certificate issue. When using the Azure Database for MySQL single server, the root certificate defined in config/db.php ...
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How to fix an error deprecated error for sourceID

That should be all that’s required, but I’d highly recommend setting up a local development environment for this site so you don’t have to make changes to the live site and risk breaking it. https://...
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Error on plugin settings page: preg_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated

I would recommend deleting the vendor folder and then running composer install this should ensure any cruft that didn't make it quite right through an update is replaced.
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