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Just to add to the answer above, in plain text the answer would be: 'and, not 1, not 2' Or, in an entry query: {%- set entries = craft.entries({ section: 'blog', id: 'and, not 123, not 456, not 789', }).all() %}


Thanks for this @mmc501 I have adapted the code to work the wonderful sprig plugin. {% set time = time ?? "now" %} <div class="grid text-center"> <div class="col"> <button sprig s-vars="time: '{{time|date_modify('-1 month')|date()}}'">Prev</button> </div> <div class=...


Doing further research i noticed the performance impact is mainly due to sorting on the default publication date. When sorting on the title field all the performance issues are gone.


You need to use newParentId: $navigationItem = new Entry(); $navigationItem->typeId = 4; $navigationItem->sectionId = $navigationSection->id; $navigationItem->title = $entry->title; $navigationItem->newParentId = $herbsNavigationEntry->id; $navigationItem->setFieldValue('navLink', '/tags/' . $entry->slug); if (!Craft::$app->...

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