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You need to use the machine name of the section, not the single's slug. Check Settings -> Sections in the backend to find out the machine name. Machine names can't contain hyphens, so about-us isn't a valid machine name (though it is a valid slug). Maybe you're just mixing up about_us with about-us.


This worked like a charm for me! Thanks if anyone needs the short code for the hidden input it's basically the same... {{ hiddenInput('fields[yourRelationalFieldName][]', postId) }} It took me a couple of tries to get it. The second [] is required like the post says.


I'm assuming that groupChair is an entries field, correct? So what you're expecting from groupChair is a related entry associated with the current entry through that field? The output you're seeing is the result of outputting an element query directly, which is a common mistake. To actually get to the related entry, you need to execute the query using .all() ...

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