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Found it, this works: <img src="{{ dataUrl('@webroot' ~ myAsset.getUrl({width: 200, height: 200}, true)) }}" /> Two important things: prepend the @webroot alias to the myAsset.getUrl(...) set the second parameter of getUrl(...) to true: myAsset.getUrl({...}, true). This ensures that a real file path is returned by getUrl, because the image ...


You can use Asset::setTransform or Asset::copyWithTransform to get (a copy) of the asset object with your transform applied. Then you can pass that into dataUrl(). {{ dataUrl(myAsset.withTransform({width: 200, height: 200}) }}


One method that comes to my mind is to create an asset configuration in admin panel (Settings -> Assets), where you can create different Image Transform configurations. For example, I can create an Image Transforms called Thumbnail then set the required dimensions and quality of the image. Once you create an Image Transforms, you can utilize them with ...

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