We've discussed it off and on because so many people have requested it and have got some ideas on how we'd tackle it. No ETA, but it's on “The List” ™.


I spent a couple of hours this evening knocking together a Dash docset for Craft and have posted it up on Github at https://github.com/cole007/craftcms-dash/ Images are hotlinked from the source documentation so won't show offline but wanted to keep it lean. Please feel free to fork/pull request if you find any errors or can suggest any improvements.


There is a Documentation structured section with three entry types. Heading Only Page Link The Getting Started, Core Concepts, etc. headers are the Heading Only entry type. The only field is has is a title. The majority of the docs are using the Page entry type. The Link entry type is used for the entries like Full Templating Reference and Plugin ...


Not translatable The field will always have the same value for each site Translate for each site Easy: the field can have a different value for each of your sites. Create 10 sites, all can have different content Translate for each site group Every site group can have a different value, create 10 site that are all in the same group, all elements will have the ...


Best is to create fresh Craft instalation and experiment, learn basics. I did the same thing when I was assigned to a large drupal project. Here is a resource list on Craft: http://craftcookbook.net http://straightupcraft.com/articles/getting-started-with-craft-cms http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/courses/building-landing-pages-with-craft-cms http://craftcms....


There's a short description of what it does in the 2.0 release notes. Added a new Find and Replace tool in Settings, for finding/replacing text within all Rich/Plain Text fields (including ones in a Matrix field).


For anyone looking for more information, you can find all of the form macros for _includes/forms here: /craft/app/templates/_includes/forms.html and the child templates here: /craft/app/templates/_includes/forms/<filename>


You may already be aware of this, but the Class Reference is a complete breakdown of the Craft core. Everything that exists within the craft/app folder is documented here. Craft is built upon the Yii framework. If you dig deep enough, many roads lead back to Yii queries. Fortunately, you'll rarely have to dig that deep! Craft has abstracted away much of the ...


The bad news is it's been a bug in PHPStorm since 9.0.1. The good news is it's been fixed in the PHPStorm 11 EAP and will be in the 11 final release. https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-28394


I got it! The Sprout Notes Field plugin was what I needed. It allows HTML input with various formatting options.


Click on the little triangle! It gives nice examples.


Lots of people have requested this, either to P&T or directly to Kapeli... When talking to Kapeli, he basically says "here's instructions on how to do it yourself". So, if you feel like starting a repo for it, I'm sure some other folks would jump on board. :) https://twitter.com/kapeli/status/483392793566781441


There currently is no documentation for Craft's own template includes and macros. Your best bet is to do a global search through the app folder and see how Craft is using them internally.

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