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This sounds like an old bug that was fixed in a more recent version of Craft than the one you are on - Are you able to update Craft and your plugins to the latest version?


Would it be easier to upgrade to a later version of craft CMS 2 or CMS 3 Craft 3 was a major rewrite of the entire platform, so it will definitely be a lot easier to upgrade to a later version of Craft 2. In fact, you're probably going to have to upgrade your Craft 2 install regardless of whether you want to move forward to Craft 3 eventually, since it's ...


You can't put PHP code into Twig, and there's no straightforward way to write custom DB queries in Twig. That's by design – Twig is a templating language, not meant for custom queries or processing. Instead, you should provide a service object with utitily methods that you can call from Twig. Depending on your use-case, you can accept parameters (for example,...

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