After deleting the users from the UI they are only soft-deleted. If you look at the user id and find the matching element in your elements table, you will see that this element has a populated dateDeleted. Run garbage collection (./craft gc) to clean up and completely remove everything.


You could also use your general config file to set the softDeleteDuration to a very low value, so that soft deleted elements get garbagecollected quickly: 'softDeleteDuration' => 300, // 5 Mins or if you're up to the command line, use ./craft gc --delete-all-trashed to immediately hard delete all soft deleted items


This happens when you go from old craft versions, in the latest versions you have to have the config/db.php file like this: <?php use craft\helpers\App; return [ 'dsn' => App::env('DB_DSN') ?: null, 'driver' => App::env('DB_DRIVER'), 'server' => App::env('DB_SERVER'), 'port' => App::env('DB_PORT'), 'database' => App::...

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