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Saving to table field via plugin

The answer on the previous question is a little bit off - you do not want to use json_encode to save the field. Just use the actual array: $tableValue = [ [ "col1": "Product #1", "col2": "5"...
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Feed Me: How to format CSV data for a table field

You can create a feed-me.php file under your /config directory, then you can configure the data delimiter: <?php return [ '*' => [ 'pluginName' => 'Feed Me', '...
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Are there any alternatives to the deprecated Export plugin?

Assuming you want to export to a CSV, I'd recommend trying the Sprout Reports plugin...
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How do you import entries from a CSV

There is Feed me plugin for import.. But that export will not help you much. perhaps for some simpler fields.. You will need to write your own export.. Try DNA reports plugin
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How to export 1 Entries type ("news") from Craft to Wordpress

I did install the Sprout Reports but found the user interface to be very challenging, not at all obvious to me how to go about getting what I wanted. In the end, I installed Boboldehampsink Export ...
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How to export 1 Entries type ("news") from Craft to Wordpress

Most people are going the other way. Is there a particular reason you want to downgrade? ;-) Being serious though... If you need the entries in a CSV format then yes you could use an export plugin ...
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Save Entry Data as CSV and Email it to the Author / Logged in User

For this purpose there is not such a thing like a "best" way. Every thing has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your goal you should decide what fits best for you. I personally prefer to ...
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