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The setting you're looking for is verificationCodeDuration which defaults to 24 hours (86400 seconds). (And see craft\helpers\ConfigHelper::durationInSeconds() for a list of supported value types)


We were having the same issue. Our logs were getting so dense with SQL statements that it was hard to find our errors. And for the most part, seeing Craft's internal SQL would not help us debug the problem. What we've found is we can use the onelogger plugin. After installing it, we just needed to add a file called onelogger.php to our config file. This ...


You could achieve this using Aliases. In your .env, you could set DEFAULT_DOMAIN="" then in your config/general.php you would do: 'aliases' => [ 'siteAbc' => 'http://abc.' . getenv('DEFAULT_DOMAIN'), 'siteXyz' => 'http://xyz.' . getenv('DEFAULT_DOMAIN') ], With this in place, you will be able to use @siteAbc and @...

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