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The asset volume needs to have public urls enabled. Thanks seb.


You should give a try: {{ craft.assets.filename('refresh1.png').one().imageCaption }} Where imageCaption is the handle of your Image Caption field (imageCaption is an example, you should check this value). More informations about how to fetch assets:


Got the solution through Craft support, as well as this similar question: Image Transforms - Image not processed until second page refresh In summary, use the generateTransformsBeforePageLoad settings in Craft CMS. e.g. project>config>general.php <?php /** * General Configuration * * All of your system's general configuration settings go in here. ...


Never too late to answer your own question. This is easily resolved now as Craft 3 stores user photos as assets, you just need to assign the CDN URL to the public URL field in Assets.

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