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Questions having to do with constructing plugins.

2 votes

What is the best to find a developer to create a Craft plugin?

There are a couple of options, as far as I know: Straight Up Craft community site Craft Slack has a jobs channel Work With Craft
  • 711
2 votes

Questions prior using Craft for the first time

While I've got no expierence with ProcessWire, I'm a fairly new Craft user myself, and I have to say, it's been a breeze to work with. With regards to your questions: All your separate, custom cod …
  • 711
2 votes

Confirm Password on Set Password Form

You could use the craft()->userSession->setFlash('your message here'); functionality. How it works is explained in this or this answer for example but it boils down to setting the message in your ev …
  • 711
1 vote
0 answers

Custom element from plugin in structure-like hierarchy

I'm working on a plugin that would require a custom element to have a hierarchy, as in, possibly have a parent set or not. Much like entries have when used in a structure. I've got my element set up …
  • 711
1 vote
1 answer

Error when trying to send HTML email on event onActivateUser

Background: I'm working on a site that has frontend registration with some custom fields. The client would like to have a notification email whenever someone activates their account, containing the i …
  • 711
3 votes
2 answers

Modifying entry with 'onBeforeSaveEntry' event

I'm trying to modify a field on an entry before it is saved. What I'm trying to do is use a field from a linked entry to populate the same field on the entry being saved. From logging I know the ev …
  • 711