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Entries hold the content that you want to display on your web pages. Each entry has an Author, a Post Date, an Expiration Date (if desired), a status (enabled or disabled), and, of course, content.

You need to start with and, and put not in front of each ID... {% for entry in craft.entries.section('boardOfDirectors').id('and, not 12, not 18') %}
answered Mar 31 '16 by Lindsey D
all entries related to that particular category (aka: city). The slug in this case would be your city name ("new-york", "los-angeles", etc). The trick here is to think of your categories first, and … your entries second. Instead of having "entries with categories", you are creating "categories which have entries". Make your categories the main attraction. As carlcs said in his answer, you'll …
answered Jan 21 '15 by Lindsey D
The catch is, it sounds like you need to add an entry and modify user data all in a single shot. That's not really possible out-of-the-box... different forms will submit to different places. Edit an …
answered Jan 9 '15 by Lindsey D
Based on our comment thread, I would suggest to perform a manual update of Craft. Download and unzip the latest copy of Craft, and replace the old app folder with the app folder that you just unzippe …
answered Aug 5 '14 by Lindsey D
This is a known behavioral issue. PHP considers 0, "0", false, and similar values to be “empty”, and Craft only factors most criteria param values into the query if they are not empty. So setting a Li …
answered Oct 14 '15 by Lindsey D
When saving data to a Table field, here's the catch... Your field data is being condensed into JSON and stored in a single database table cell. So ultimately, you'll want to have your Table field dat …
answered Jul 23 '14 by Lindsey D
The first example you showed is the exact right way to do it. The second & third examples you showed will technically work, but return an array of entries. Your single would be the only entry inside … Entry (in this case your Single) find() - Returns an array of matching entries ids() - Returns an array of entry IDs total() - Returns a number (total matches) last() - Opposite of first() nth …
answered Jul 26 '16 by Lindsey D
You need to allow the entry.type value to be part of the include path... {% include "events/_types/" ~ entry.type %} Since your entry.type is "summerpreview", that will be parsed out like this... …
answered Mar 23 '18 by Lindsey D
In the control panel, on the entries index page, Craft uses ​infinite scrolling. However, when you scroll to the bottom, there's a slight delay while you wait for more entries to load. Unfortunately … , I'm in a situation where I have to scroll through thousands of entries. I'm cleaning up some imported data, and yesterday I managed to clean up entries from A - M. Today I need to pick up where I …
asked Feb 4 '16 by Lindsey D
At the risk of oversimplifying your problem... just hard-code the sections with the "own URL" option checked. {% paginate craft.entries({ section: ['sectionA', 'sectionB'], ... The "own URL …
answered Feb 24 '17 by Lindsey D
Short answer is no, that's not possible. Longer answer is no, because P&T didn't build it that way. Entries are an element type, and that kind of behavior is buried deep within the element type … . Those columns are pre-determined, there's nothing you can do to edit them. To be honest, I can't even visualize how a 3rd party plugin could be able to modify that part of the Entries UI and insert a …
answered Jun 24 '14 by Lindsey D
You're looking for the Content Stats plugin by Will Browar:
answered Mar 25 '16 by Lindsey D
I recently updated a very large site to Craft 2.5. One of the great new features is the ability to view custom fields as columns on the entry index page. Previously, I used the DashCols plugin to vie …
asked Jan 29 '16 by Lindsey D
Let's start by saying what you don't want to do... Don't use Matrix blocks to solve this problem. As you mentioned, the Matrix field would get pretty crazy, and you couldn't prevent people from usin …
answered Jun 29 '16 by Lindsey D
This definitely sounds like plugin territory. I'd recommend Curate, by Lori Goldberg. * Disclaimer: I haven't personally tried it.
answered Feb 19 '16 by Lindsey D

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