We launched a website last week based on Craft CMS.
One page contains mainly a list with links to sponsors (entered in a rich text field). 

I make a fulltext search (via `$critera->search`) through the whole website, that works very fine, but it just didn't find the link texts inside a rich text field. (e.g. "Ascot", http://www.unidram.de/en/festival/partner-sponsors)

If i put the same text outside of the link, the search will find it. But that's not the solution, because the text should be the link.

I made a workaround and added Tags for every link to the page (except above given example). That did the job, but is additional work we won't normally do.

Any idea what's the issue here?


At first i clicked on "rebuild the search index". 

The search on the website didn't find the page.
This is the template part of the search:

    {% set query = craft.request.getPost('q') %}
    {% set entries =  
     craft.entries.search(query).section('seitenstruktur').order('score') %}

Then i searched for 'Ascot' in `craft_searchindex` in the DB. 

Part of the content of the related field is this:
`performance netzuniversitaetsgesellschaft potsdam sponsorenhochdreiascot bristolmedienpartnerpotsdamer neueste nachrichten`

While the content looks like this:

![content] (http://www.unidram.de/assets/img/sample.jpg)

So in fact the word 'Ascot' is saved as part of 'sponsorenhochdreiascot'. 
As soon as i change it to 'sponsorenhochdrei ascot', the entry will be found by the search on the website.

The HTML Code of the part is:

    <p><a target="_blank" href="http://www.domainx.com/">HochDrei</a><br>
    <a target="_blank" href="http://www.domainy.de/">Ascot 

The search index seems to miss some space characters.