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Output matrix field content into a RSS feed

I'm trying to create RSS feed for a site news section, most of it is straight forward to do but I run into an issue with the description section. That content is a sub field in a matrix field along ...
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XML file needed for Channable

Can someone help us with getting a XML file from our products so we can upload this file into Channable? Thank you!
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Converting nested XML (SOAP) feed to HTML

I need to display some of the elements within an XML feed (SOAP) as HTML. I don't want to store it in the database, but rather, just hit the API each time the data is needed. I have been able to do ...
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Craft 3 FeedMe - Help accessing deeper XML nodes

I'm importing data from an XML file. I'm having trouble accessing some of the deeper nodes in the xml file. Example of my xml here (chapter being the repeating item): <article xmlns="http://...
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Using XMLReader With Plugin

In my project, I have a reference to XMLReader in a plugin; however, I get this error message: Class 'Craft\XMLReader' not found Here is the code which calls it: $reader = new XMLReader(); Can ...
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Paginate Results from Restful XML Feed

I'm beginning with Craft/Twig and am developing a plugin that gets data from a Restful XML feed, and I've successfully tested it on my template. Below, I have the working plugin code and a sample of ...
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Not All Entries showing in feed page but do show in Page Source XML

Creating an RSS feed in craft and I have it to loop through all the entries via: {% set sermons = craft.entries.section('sermonEntry').limit(null).find() %} {% for sermon in sermons %} On my ...
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FeedMe plugin and XML

This should have been simple. A client's site is required to display current weather observation data retrieved via XML from My solution was to use the on-demand features of FeedMe ...
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Old Posts Not Appearing in XML Sitemap

Running into a strange issue with the XML sitemap on our site that I'm hoping for help with. Here is example code for the blog section of our site in our sitemap: {% set blogPosts = craft.entries....
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Running custom query save result to xml file

For an upcoming project one of the requests is that the client needs to be able to run a few custom queries on a specific section (queries are fixed, we know what these will be in advance) and then ...
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