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White space added to start of template's

There is white space being added to the start of my templates. This isn't really an issue but because its happening to an RSS template that is breaking the feed and causing it to not validate. When ...
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Rich Text field is producing weird space character instead of  

Example from the frontend Example in dev tools If I "view-source" on the page Example from Rich Text Field Example from Rich Text Field HTML This is a Rich Text field within a matrix, it's output ...
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1 answer

.relatedTo() not returning tags with spaces

I think I'm seeing a bug while using advanced search with relatedTo(). If I use a simple search, like this: {% set param = { order: 'RAND()', limit: null, search: "#{request.tags}" } %} It ...
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How do you prevent white space from being removed after line breaks within a Rich Text Field?

I am utilizing a CSS class within headlines for responsive line breaks. This class shows the line break for large displays and hides the break for small displays. Using the HTML/Source button within ...
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Whitespace created a start of HTML

I am getting a strange whitespace character when using a different language. All languages use the same templates/database/plugins etc. But when I go to any other language except the default I get a ...
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4 answers

Whitespace created when using if statements

I am using the following block of code in a template: <hr class="rule"> {% if entry.features | length %} <div class="feature-block"> <h4 class="is-uppercase">Features&...
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2 answers

Unwanted output when using Twig conditional

I am displaying a series of icons and associated labels in an unordered list. Some of the icons should only be displayed when a user is in a specific set of user groups, so I am using a conditional. ...
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How do I get rid of whitespace when rendering without touching template indentations?

I have the following code. {% spaceless %} {% for date in entry.d_date %} {% if date.showMonth == 1 %} {{ }}- {% endif %} {% if date.showDate == 1 %} {{
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