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3 answers

can't figure out how to embed youtube videos

My video embeds are working but they are way too small. I've read around in circles how to do this but it's not working. I have a field called videoUrl (it's a URL field). I'm using Video Embedder ...
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1 answer

Redactor strips out video tags

I’m embedding a video. I have the video button set up for my Redactor field. I use it to insert a video element. When I save Redactor strips the code out and replaces it with an empty figure element. ...
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Load video on hover in craft cms

I have a slider in my craft website where images are showing as item. When I hover on image it will display none and video will play. There are lots of video files. So when i refresh the page then it ...
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Get the width and height of videos

I need to get the width and height of videos to calculate some aspect ratio. Craft doesn't do this out of the box. Any plugins that does this? Or can i write my own?
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upload base64 image -> save in assets -> custom plugin

I started coding a custom plugin, it takes a video file from the asset and showing the file in a video-player (CP). The user is now able to take screenshots of the video (using JS) by clicking a ...
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getting redactor video.js plugin installed

I tried to install the redactor video.js plugin but I can't make it work. I tried to intgrate it via "control panel js" plugin. Put the "video" tag under "buttons", but ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Video Asset URLs not rendering

I'm trying to output the video files from within a block but get a Calling unknown method: craft\elements\db\AssetQuery::url() error when using the following: {{ }} ...
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Building a video subscription library

I'm looking for advice. We've had a client float an idea with us for a possible extension to their existing Craft website. They want to provide a library of pre-recorded fitness video classes for ...
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