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Bypass Varnish cache if user is logged in

Is it possible to bypass the Varnish cache when the user is logged in? I've tried using the "CraftSessionId" cookie, but it seems that it is also set for non logged in users.
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How to create a static JSON files with Element API and cache it with Varnish

Is it possible to create static JSON file using the Element API plugin? What I then want to do was cache that file probably using Varnish or push it to an S3 bucket. If I was to cache it I would ...
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Is there a way to manually trigger an asset transform before calling getUrl()?

I have a site where I serve quite the amount of images which are saved on Google Cloud Storage. I have set generateTransformsBeforePageLoad to true in my general config because I'm caching the output ...
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Varnish 4.x and Craft

Is there any vcl file to use with Craft? I saw here an amazing answer about Varnish and Craft and there is a 3.x configuration file but i need a newer one for Varnish 4 and i don’t know Varnish ...
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How do I configure Varnish to work with Craft?

Has anyone successfully used Varnish with a Craft build? I'm trying to set up Varnish on my server but I'm very new at this. Can anyone share their config file or point me in the right direction? We ...
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