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Recreate {% cache %} content without clearing first

We have a setup where we use Craft's {% cache %} tag to improve performance of certain computing-cost-intensive pages. The expected way to do this is by using the {% cache %} tage and probably improve ...
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How to build front-end dropdown to sort images with {% tag %} function?

how can I build a front-end HTML dropdown selector with the "tag" function in CraftCMS 4.x? I'd like the user to be able to sort a couple of masonry images that are associated with an entry ...
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1 answer

Get entries where tag = value

Let's say I have a tag group with handle genre. I can make an entry contain information about this tag by creating a field of type tag that uses this group. So I would have a field with handle ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Setting valueless boolean attributes with the tag function

When using the tag function, how does one handle valueless attributes which could also be null? For example, it's great we can do… {% set idVar = 'idstring' %} {% set nameVar = 'namestring' %} {% ...
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How to handle two Redactor fields in one entry page in Craft 3.3?

I have an entry for blogs page. It contains 2 Redactor fields named content and body. I upgraded Craft 2 to Craft 3.3. Then the old editor changed to Redactor plugin, but that Redactor worked for body ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to include category slugs in the entry URL format?

Is it possible to include category or tag slug in the entry URL format? Would you please let me know the tags that make it, if possible?
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2 votes
1 answer

List entries without specific tag

I am trying to output a list of entries from a channel section that DO NOT have a certain tag. I am able to output the entries that have the tag assigned by setting the tag as a variable and using ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Populating TAG page when using the kebab filter

I have a page that displays entries based on a specific tag. It works well until I apply the kebab filter. Here's my link to the page: {% for tag in tag %} <li><a href="{{ siteUrl }}...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to filter entries based on Tags

I am working on a site that requires a filter option based on tags. Each entry will have two sets of tags (e.g., colors and shapes) {% for tag in'colorTag') %} {% for tag in craft....
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2 votes
1 answer

Best method to handle %20 in tag URLs with multiple words

On my page of all tags, it works great except for tags that have more than one word. The URL is replacing the spaces with %20 as one would expect. I tried ...
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1 answer

Predefined Tags For Editors

Is it possible to set up predefined tags in craft which can then be used as either a select list or checkbox selection by editors, so as to only give them the option of adding preset tags as opposed ...
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1 answer

Display tag related to entry in current locale

I've got this code snippet I'm working with and I can't get tags pulled out for related entry in current locale. Maybe worth to mention, that tags is matrix field. {% set entries = craft.entries %...
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5 votes
1 answer

How do I force a 301 http status code using the redirect tag?

Using Craft's redirect template tag creates a redirect with a 302 (Moved Temporarily) http status code. How can I force a 301 (Moved Permanently) status code?
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