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How to delete asset folders in CraftCMS backend?

I created some asset folders which are displayed in the backend and which I would like to remove. I manually removed the directory on the server. It is still shown in the backend. The options in the ...
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How query all folders of a volume?

I want to query a list of all folders in a specific volume in my front-end template (loggedin users only). I'll need the folderId to display all files of the selected folder. The idea is to show a ...
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Local Volume Folder: Transliterate path, but keep name as is

Intention: create a local Asset Volume with a bunch of subfolders and files in it and display a file tree on frontend. All OK, but since the website is in German, I have to do 'convertFilenamesToAscii'...
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Craft site in subfolder of domain

Unusual use-case - but I have a client with two websites they're merging into one. Their aim is to make the Craft 3 site (currently on its own top level domain) run in a /distribution sub folder. I've ...
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Create folder in asset volume via GraphQL

Is it possible to create a subfolder within an asset volume via GraphQL? If yes, can you point me in the right direction? I just found mutations for file uploading, but nothing for folder creation. ...
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Dynamic Asset Sub Folder Paths based on section and. if/else or turnery operators

How can I create dynamic paths for asset uploads? Basically I want my structure to be like so; company-name-slug company logo-1.jpg image-2.jpg products product-image-1.jpg services ...
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Find All Levels of Subfolders under Assets

I'm working with images in subfolders, several levels deep, under the Assets parent folder. -Assets --Dept_A ---Jan15 --Dept_B ---Jan15 ---Jan16 I've come across this code (below), but it only ...
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2 answers

Dynamic asset subfolder path for Craft Commerce

I have a asset field where I would like to save the images in dynamic folders. The upload folder should be parsed for the Dropdown field values in a Matrix field. For a normal Dropdown field it works ...
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Can't save entries with dynamic subfolder path in Matrix

I have a Matrix field which contains several assets fields. Each has the dynamic subfolder path set to {owner.section.handle}, so I can reuse the Matrix in multiple sections, but keep the assets ...
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{% block content %} is a no-go in template/subfolders

I’m on a mac running MAMP and my install is functional. Localhost will direct to and display files in “templates” but it wont fully cooperate with subfolders within templates, such as templates/news. ...
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List subfolders of a specific asset folder

Is it possible to list subfolders from a specific folder? Context: I'm printing out hundreds of icons which are maintained by moving a directory structure directly over to my public assets folder. ...
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In an Asset field, how to use a dynamic subfolder field value that is dependent on the element type?

I have a field named image that is assigned to an entry as well as a category. When a user edits an entry, I would like the subfolder to be named after the section.handle property. When a user ...
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Tagging all assets in a sub directory

I'm building a project with a lot of photo assets organized into sub directories of the main photos asset source. I'm trying to add tags to these assets so they are searchable when I try to use them ...
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Uploading to a date subfolder within a Matrix

I'm working on a site that will have lots of content. Our customer now asked to have their images upload into a different subfolder, by date. I can get it done in a "normal" Assets field, but in a ...
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Limit control panel assets modal to a subfolder in plugin

I'm working on a control panel plugin where I want to limit users to a subfolder within a main assets folder. I have the subfolder ID, but am unable to amend the following to make use of it: {{ forms....
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3 votes
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Dynamic Subfolders leaving empty folders behind

I have {status}/{category}/{slug} as the path for uploading photos. When the status changes on the entry, then the photos associated with that entry move to the correct folder. However, it leaves ...
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How to create a new subfolder to an asset with plugin

I have a plugin that uploads and associates files/assets to users and entries. I would like it to store these files under a user ID subfolder of the asset folder. I know how to do this within the ...
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Hosting a Craft install in a subfolder of a Wordpress site on Windows IIS

Alright, I know the question is kind of a doozy but I'm running out of options. I've uploaded my Craft install to the subdirectory and left in the base web.config that comes with ...
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