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How to stop spam with guest entries plugin?

I am using the guest entries plugin and i get specific spam on a contact form. So I have edited the controller to test the message for certain words coming thru the message eg "SEO", "...
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Freeform: Specify alternate return url for spam submissions

I'm using a custom Return URL for my Freeform 3.13.7 forms to submit data to a CRM. The issue I'm running into is that my Spam Protection Behavior is set to "Simulate Success", which means ...
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clear all spam form inputs or mark as read

Is there somebody who could help with an sql query or a how-to to clean up our spam form inputs in a quick way, there are +/-5900 unread spam messages from last years and i want to clean them up. We ...
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Freeform: disallow hyperlinks in message field

Craft CMS: 3.5.x Freeform Lite: 3.11.3 Is there a way to flag submissions as spam (or block altogether) when the message field contains hyperlinks?
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URL redirect and spammers

I have a couple of sites that are being attacked (for the last 4 months), about 50k requests from about 3k unique visitors a day. The format of the url from the referrer is:
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